BioMycoTec produces up to 60 metric tonnes of sterile organic fine mushroom substrate based on sawdust. Our substrates are characterised by the ability to constantly provide high yields. This facilitates and increases crop production planning.

The preconditions for success consist in extensive experience, sophisticated technology and a strong team. Furthermore, successful substrate production has its basis in the international information flow regarding the progress and research in the production of fine mushrooms.

The mushroom strains are sourced from the largest spawn manufacturers in Europe and implemented upon customer demand.
Here we make use of more than 15 years of international experience in substrate production. Our particular location benefit is that the substrate is directly tested at Pilzgarten - the neighboring Demeter mushroom growing company. Substrate mixing can thus quickly and easily be adapted upon demand.

The substrate is sold to mushroom growers from 120 units (approx. 350kg substrate weight) onwards per order. Growers may choose from various varieties here.

In addition to this, we offer equipment and accessories for both substrate manufacturing and breeding/growing. Professional service completes our offer.